Start-up and adjustment works have been completed at the Akzhar-Sarytuma field and the first shipment of goods has been made

At the Akzhar-Sarytuma deposit, located on the border of the Karaganda and Zhambyl regions, commissioning work was completed at a modular enrichment plant (hereinafter — MEP) and the first shipment of manganese concentrate was made.

“The construction of the MEP was carried out within 10 months with the involvement of the best specialists in their industry. We began to carry out commissioning works from May 1. During this time, the manganese ore jigging system, the water-slurry scheme were adjusted, the manganese ore supply system normalized. After the completion of all works on July 1 of this year, we put the MEP into operation,” said Aidynbek Tauasarov, director of Adelya Mining LLP.

In the first month of the MEP ‘s operation, the first batch of manganese concentrate in the amount of 3,000 tons was shipped for Asia FerroAlloys LLP in Karaganda. Delivery is made by rail. An increase in production volume to 5,000 tons of concentrate per month is planned by April 2023.

According to the production process, the Akzhar-Sarytum ore processing technology provides for the enrichment of ores by jigging to produce two types of conditioned concrete: fractions 10-50 — with a Mn content of 36%; fractions 0-10 — with Mn content 31%. Ore processing is carried out in the following stages: ore intake, crushing and tromeling in a crushing and tromeling module, crushing and tromeling in crushing and sorting module, breaking in cone crusher in small crushing and sorting module, classification with water, coarse grain dressing in bull jig, heads dehydration, middlings and float fractions on griddle in large enrichment module, enrichment fine grain in a bull jig, heads water removal and float on griddle in small enrichment module, clarification of underscreen water, shipment of finished products. Manganese concentrate is used in production to obtain such alloys as silicomanganese, ferromanganese.