OZERO is a new trademark of Araltuz JSC

This year Araltuz JSC launched new products under the OZERO brand, focusing on contemporary consumers with high requirements for product quality.

OZERO products are 100% natural and eco-friendly product. Manufacturing does not involve chemicals, bleaching additives and flow-inducing agents. OZERO salts boost immune system, as they are rich in magnesium, calcium, and their content is slightly higher than that of other varieties of salt. OZERO products are produced in full compliance with current quality requirements and have ECO, BIO, HALAL certificates.

The name «OZERO» depicts the natural and organic origin of the product, since the salt is openly extracted from the lake (Russian: ozero, lit. lake).

OZERO product line includes two types of edible salt: for cold cuisine (salads, refreshments) and hot cuisine (hot dishes).

TABLE SALT — fine salt (No. 0) is designed for cooking cold dishes; it melts quickly and is free of any flow-inducing agents. Small salt crystals are perfect for salting served out dishes, salads, cold refreshments. The useful minerals contained in lake salt make it not just a splendid supplement to food, but also a practical one. After ingestion, it prevents the iodine deficiency disorder, i.e. hypothyroidism, a swollen thyroid, from developing.

LAKE SALT – medium-ground salt (No. 1) is ideal for cooking hot dishes, rich in useful minerals and free of harmful additives. Lake salt is intended for all types of hot dishes and its grinding is a cornerstone of almost all recipes, where the salt amount is usually indicated in the «number of spoons».

SPICE SET is a unique trendy OZERO product with a classic composition of basic spices: table salt, black and red pepper, fragrant granulated garlic used in recipes from all over the world. Each national cuisine has its own cooking traditions and tastes that distinguish it from others. However, there are spices that are used by all the peoples, regardless of their geographical location, culture and nationality! OZERO set contains such spices that combine recipes from all over the world!

While developing OZERO, we paid special attention and care to its design and packaging. We studied contemporary consumer preferences in many countries, including the environmental friendliness of containers and identified the most ergonomic, in-demand types of product packaging. For at-home use, TABLE SALT and LAKE SALT are packed in 500g and 100g convenient PP packages. In case of ‘»getting out into nature» event, it will be convenient to take with a 300g zip lock doypack or a 250g tube with dispenser. 1000g «Lake salt» eco kraft packaging» is intended for conscious consumers who use eco-friendly and more expensive goods, taking care of environmental protection and safety! 400g set of spices packed in a cardboard box will be a centerpiece on the shelf and serve as a great gift for all occasions!

OZERO, add more flavor!